What is ShopWindow?

ShopWindow provides partners with a live feed shopping engine that can be embedded into any site with minimal effort. It uniquely enables users to search Awin�s database of over 4 million products from over 700 retailers on a sale popularity basis.

We analyse every sale our affiliate partners generate over a period of time and look at sales trends in the market. We use this data to order the product search results.

This means that the results displayed from a ShopWindow search have taken into account the cost of the product, the merchants� reputation and the confidence of the buying public.

ShopWindow is therefore the first product comparison engine that truly sorts data in the interests of consumers.

Through the affiliate marketing concept, you will receive commissions for each confirmed sale that you drive. If you would like a further explanation of this concept please see the following link:

We have various high street partners on board including Currys, Comet, PC World, Dixons, Burtons, B&Q, Wickes, Haven Holidays and Toys R Us. For our full list of partners please visit our Merchant Directory.

Key Benefits

Revenue Generation
ShopWindow works by utilising the audience of your site to generate revenue. Retailers reward you for passing on these unique visitors and you earn a commission from each completed sale. Awin channels every commission you earn directly to you, twice a month.

ShopWindow offers you the opportunity to display any combination of merchants from our 700 online retailers. ShopWindow also allows complete flexibility in category display and giving you total control over what retailers and product type you wish to present to your users.

You can also customise the presentation of ShopWindow within your site, applying branding and familiarisation that your users will relate to.

Network Relationships
As an affiliate using ShopWindow you can benefit from the close relationships we have with merchants and utilise the incentives and promotions they offer to affiliates in our network. These can include discount codes, activation incentives and bespoke commissions.

The ShopWindow Toolset

ShopWindow API
ShopWindow API offers complete flexibility, allowing your developers to integrate all or specific elements of the ShopWindow service into your site.

The ShopWindow API is platform independent, meaning that it works within any coding environment. Using the ShopWindow API will require a good level of technical ability and experience including SOAP and WSDL.

ShopWindow Client Software
Client Software is our �out of the box� solution. Built utilizing the SMARTY PHP template engine, Client Software allows fast set up and integration into your current site with minimal effort.

The integration of Client Software will allow you to provide the users of your website with dynamic content directly from a managed database system.

Client Software contains 5 templates for you to choose from, each providing a different look and feel for your site.

Client Software has been developed using PHP and HTML code. Through the integration of SMARTY template engine, the business logic has been separated from the presentation logic, allowing you to customize either without breaking the code.

Skills required to integrate Client Software are a good understanding of both HTML and PHP.

ShopWindow Direct
Using our ShopWindow website, you can direct your traffic through to Through the integration of a banner or text link, you can direct your traffic through to product comparison functionality at no cost or resource.

Affiliates using this tool receive 100% of the commission available, we take nothing out.

Skills required to use ShopWindow Direct is the ability to add a text link and/or banner within a web page.

How do I get the Toolset?

In order to gain access to the ShopWindow toolset you must sign up to become an affiliate on the Awin network. Once registered, you will need to click on the �ShopWindow Toolset� link within your account. This section explains each of the tools that are currently available and provides full documentation for the Toolset.

Contact Us

If you would like any further information about our products please drop us an email at: or call us on: 0844 557 9240

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